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About The GCV Advanced Materials Society:

The GCV Advanced Materials Society is organised by Global Corporate Venturing in partnership with the London Environmental Investment Forum (LEIF). The Society convenes and connects the world’s leading innovators and venture professionals to review the latest technology and investment trends, to network and share ideas, whilst also granting preferential access to advanced materials deal data and special reports.

Why Advanced Materials?

The world’s largest businesses require advanced materials if they’re to survive and prosper. Improving industrial processes, making existing products better and devising new products all need such innovation. What’s particularly exciting is innovation born in one industry being adopted quickly by other, very different, industries. For example, a material developed for the aviation industry being adopted by the robotics sector; a catalyst developed for the oil and gas sector being taken up by the food and nutrition industry.

The Advanced Materials Society builds on the success of GCV’s long-standing collaboration with LEIF, with which it has co-organised and co-authored several sector-specific conferences and reports. Research conducted by GCV and LEIF shows that the rising number of companies with open innovation and corporate venture capital (CVC) units (and nearly half of the Fortune 100 now do have these units) are increasingly active in advanced materials commercialisation and investing.

“Some of the most exciting [advanced materials] innovations come from cross-fertilisation
between sectors. Advances in computing, microfluidics, nanotechnology and genetics are
already driving innovation in new materials, and we expect this to continue.”
Richard Riggs, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (Sponsor)

The GCV Advanced Materials Society will have its soft launch in November 2015, where we’ll be unveiling membership features and benefits. Membership is by invitation only, for practitioners within the corporate venturing industry.

About Global Corporate Venturing:

Global Corporate Venturing is the dedicated news and data service for the in-house venture capital units of businesses. With a magazine, newsletter, online news site and networking events, GCV brings together all the key players in the industry for discussion, analysis and commentary to keep you in the know. Core services include:

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About the London Environmental Investment Forum:

LEIF is a technology-focused business development consultancy that does three things:

  1. We help companies find customers, investors and partners
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