8 top battery start-ups with corporate backers

Tom Whitehouse, LEIF Chairman

This is an extract from the GCV LEIF Brief on Batteries Innovation, which will be published by Global Corporate Venturing in July.

Please contact me if you would like to sponsor this report and/or be featured in it as a batteries innovator. Previous GCV LEIF reports can be seen at: http://www.london-eif.com/research.html 

I have two comments on the table below (click to enlarge):

1. The pool of corporate venture capital is widening and will widen further

Automotive and chemicals VCs are being joined by ICT (e.g. Samsung) and hoover / robotics companies (Dyson). Robotics investors will increasingly look along the value chain to batteries.

2. Expect more acquisitions

Breakthroughs in batteries innovation will enable business victories in electric vehicles, drones, robotics and other industries. This makes batteries a good sector for VCs because the appetite for acquisition (to steal a competitive advantage) is strong. The sale of Boulder Ionics could be the first in a flurry of deals.

The automotive industry will compete on EV range and therefore will invest in and acquire battery technology. The growth of wearables, robotics, flexible display and internet of things markets will also increase investment in and demand for batteries innovation, particularly when batteries can be made flexible and thin (e.g. Imprint).

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